Wax paper is a versatile product with a multitude of uses in the kitchen and beyond. This user guide will help you make the most of your wax paper and provide tips for safe usage and maintenance.

Wax Paperie | Manufacturer Instructions

Key Features and Uses

  • Food Wrapping and Storage: Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, cheeses or other foods for storage in the fridge.
  • Oven Lining: Can be used to line baking sheets for non-stick baking. 
  • Art and Craft Projects: Perfect for various art and craft projects.
  • Food Basket Liner: Great for lining baskets at family picnics or events.
  • Candy and Biscuit Wrapping: Excellent for wrapping homemade candies and biscuits.
  • Branding: Printed wax paper can be used for branding purposes.

Safety Precautions

  • Avoid using printed wax paper in high heat applications. It can become a fire hazard if exposed to direct heat or flames.
  • The product is not recommended for use on the stovetop.
  • Keep wax paper away from an open flame, including lit candles or gas stove burners.
  • Wax paper is not suitable for microwave use unless specified by the manufacturer.

Usage Instructions

1) Food Wrapping and Storage

  • Cut a piece of wax paper big enough to cover the food item completely.
  • Wrap it around the food item, ensuring it is fully covered.
  • Store in a cool, dry place or refrigerate as necessary.

2) Oven Lining

  • Measure the size of your baking sheet.
  • Cut the wax paper to fit the baking sheet size.
  • Place the wax paper and parchment paper on the baking sheet before adding your dough or batter.

3) Art and Craft Projects

  • Cut the wax paper to the desired size for your project.
  • Use as needed, whether for painting, drawing or other crafts.

4) Food Basket Liner

  • Cut a piece of wax paper large enough to line the inside of your basket.
  • Place it in the basket before adding food items or buy a deli paper for deli food wraps.

5) Candy and Biscuit Wrapping

  • Cut a small square of wax paper for each candy or biscuit.
  • Wrap each individual piece tightly and secure with a twist or a piece of tape.

6) Branding

  • Work with a professional printer to print your logo or design onto wax paper.
  • Use the printed wax paper to wrap products, line baskets or create promotional materials.

Maintenance and Cleaning

  • After Baking: Once you have finished baking, simply remove the wax paper from the baking sheet. If it is still clean and intact, it can be folded and stored for future use. If it is dirty or torn, dispose of it in a waste bin.
  • After Crafts: If you have used wax paper for a craft project and it is still in good condition, it can be stored and reused. If it has paint or other materials on it, dispose of it in a waste bin.
  • After Food Wrapping: Once the food has been consumed, dispose of the used wax paper in a waste bin. It should not be reused for food storage after it has already been used once.

Enjoy the versatility and convenience of wax paper! Remember to always use it responsibly and safely.